Your communications strategy should be a robust vehicle that reinforces your school’s or department’s brand, celebrates your research and academic achievements, and allows you be a magnet for students, professors and investment.

Higher Ed Communications can help you achieve
that goal by providing expert advice on your:
  strategy consulting  content planning
  campaign consulting  social media strategy
  content audit  web content organization

One of the most effective way to engage with potential donors, industry partners, prospective students and alumni is with content that is clear, concise, informative and engaging. Content that tells compelling stories about your institution’s vision, track record and plans will strike the right chord with your key audiences.

Higher Ed Communications provides writing, rewriting and editing services for digital and print communications materials such as:
newsletters annual reports
 community magazines blog posts
social media posts speeches
website content news releases
advertisements campus tours
donor reportsstrategic plans
 video scriptsbrochures
fundraising lettersviewbooks

A large communications project requires strong leadership and intensive resources—why not focus on your core work and let an experienced communications manager handle this demanding task? As an accomplished higher education communications leader who have overseen multiple projects, I understand well the process of:

working with writers and photographers reviewing and optimizing content
collaborating with graphic designers meeting project deadlines
liaising with printers keeping to a budget
 Among the types of communication projects I can manage are:
alumni magazines community publications
annual reviews special reports
viewbooks social media campaigns