Vancouver Island University

Marketing campaign highlights why VIU is #WorthIt

By Sharon Aschaiek | Jan. 22, 2020

When it comes to appealing to prospective students, Vancouver Island University knows how to demonstrate its worth. The university’s #WorthIt campaign answers prospective students’ biggest questions about a university education and VIU.

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2020: the course of comms & higher ed

By Sharon Aschaiek | Jan. 8, 2020

can the trends in communications, and what comes up is all over the place. So many intersecting expertise, ideas, tools, platforms, cultures, metrics. Everything to do with the art and science of communicating. It might be worth knowing more about these ones.

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University of Rochester

It’s easy to find the University of Rochester

By Sharon Aschaiek | Nov. 20, 2019

All schools want to be found. Some are better at it than others.
The University of Rochester in New York knows how to get noticed. That’s because it has Brian Piper, a seasoned SEO expert who knows what it takes to get some love from search engines.

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Higher ed presidents on social: making it work

By Sharon Aschaiek | Oct. 30, 2019

When the leader of a higher education institution excels at social media, it can do wonders for the institution’s brand. But what does it take to develop and execute an effective social media strategy for a university or college president? Let’s ask Louise Coburn.

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Examples of infographics pertaining to the higher education sector

Engage higher ed audiences with infographics

by Sherri Gallowitz | Oct. 23, 2019

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many thousands for a good infographic? What IS a good infographic, and why should higher education communication, marketing and advancement professionals care? It’s likely your earliest memories are peppered with visuals.

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Higher ed branding enters hospitality arena

By Sharon Aschaiek | Oct. 9, 2019

Universities and colleges are always looking for new ways to expand their reach and better engage with stakeholders. Now, John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland has landed on an innovative way to amplify its brand: opening a university-branded hotel.

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Telling sensitive higher ed stories on Instagram

By Sharon Aschaiek | Sept. 11, 2019

It’s relatively easy for a higher ed institution to share good news on social media, but how does it handle sensitive or thorny subjects on these platforms, such as sexual violence, racism and mental illness? Learn how Brigham Young University used Instagram to tackle these topics.

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When higher ed benefits from celebrity buzz

By Sharon Aschaiek | Sept. 4, 2019

Is it a good idea to promote your higher education institution with celebrities? According to the University of Texas, the answer is “alright, alright, alright.” UT Austin’s Moody College of Communication has hired Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey as a teacher.

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New and newsworthy in higher ed communications

By Sharon Aschaiek | August 7, 2019

Universities and colleges are always looking for new ways to optimize their marketing and communication strategies and tactics. Here’s a quick look at what’s new and newsworthy when it comes to higher education communication, marketing and branding.

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Dissecting award-winning higher ed communications

By Sharon Aschaiek | July 24, 2019

What does effective storytelling look like in higher ed communications? For a prime example, look to the University of Alberta in Canada. The university won a 2019 Platinum Award from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education for Best Article of the Year.

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