Higher ed presidents on social: making it work

By Sharon Aschaiek | Oct. 30, 2019

When the leader of a higher education institution excels at social media, it can do wonders for the institution’s brand. But what does it take to develop and execute an effective social media strategy for a university or college president? Let’s ask Louise Coburn.

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Telling sensitive higher ed stories on Instagram

By Sharon Aschaiek | Sept. 11, 2019

It’s relatively easy for a higher ed institution to share good news on social media, but how does it handle sensitive or thorny subjects on these platforms, such as sexual violence, racism and mental illness? Learn how Brigham Young University used Instagram to tackle these topics.

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stories budget

Telling higher education stories on a budget

By Sharon Aschaiek | Sept. 26, 2018

Universities and colleges have lots of information to share with many different constituents. How do communicators effectively highlight their programs, services and achievements and engage stakeholders in budget-friendly ways?

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