Higher ed communications resource roundup

By Sharon Aschaiek | February 6, 2019

The communications field is constantly evolving in step with new trends, emerging technological tools and shifting demographics and even social change. So every once in a while, I like to share resources that can help higher ed communicators and marketers stay current in their expertise.

Pepsi ad super bowl 2019
Actor Steve Carell in Pepsi’s 2019 Super Bowl ad, More Than OK.

Super Bowl’s lessons: Super Bowl LIII featured another blitz of compelling commercials, and it’s no doubt communicators and marketers viewed them from a specific lens. This Washington Post article on some the 10 best ads details how brands like Pepsi, Google Audi pulled at our heartstrings, made us laugh, or just intrigued us. The qualities that made these ads shine are ones that we can integrate, to some extent, in our campaigns for higher education institutions: appeal to emotions, make connections to our humanity, and try to thrill, entertain or surprise people. And sometimes you don’t need a mega production budget to achieve that, as is clear from Burger King’s ad with pop artist Andy Warhol.

Leadership communications: Do you support provide communication support to a president, vice-president, dean or other senior leader at your university or college? This recent Forbes article outlines five key ways that organizational leaders can master how they communicate with others. The key, the article says, is to remember that good leadership is about people and relationship building. It’s important to address topics openly and honestly in order to be understood. The article emphasizes the importance of being clear, authentic and open to feedback.

New marketing research: Salesforce recently released its 5th State of Marketing report, which features marketing insights and trends gleaned from a survey of more than 4,100 marketing leaders worldwide. While the report does not cover what’s happening in the higher education sector, it does offer information that will serve communicators in this sector. The role of AI in customer experiences, the use of data to target prospects, and the range of channels used to engage with customers are some topics that may be useful.

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